Erogenous Zones: Often Neglected but Sexually Connected

Erogenous Zones: Often Neglected but Sexually Connected

There’s no wrong way to have sex. You might want to pop in a quickie and immediately go to town on each other’s dangly bits. However, if you want to squeeze every ounce of pleasure you can out of the experience, there are some often neglected erogenous zones you should try stimulating.

Erogenous What Now?

Erogenous Zones are sensitive areas of the body that cause sexual arousal when touched.

There are the super-obvious two: namely his disco-stick and her furburger. Then there are the still-pretty-obvious ones like the lips, ass, neck, and tig ol bitties.

However, great sex is all about creativity and there are more than a few places you may not have thought about stimulating. Keep in mind though, everyone’s body is unique, and it will take some exploration to find you and your partners, but that’s half the fun anyway!

The Brain

No, we’re not talking about grabbing a fist full of nut sack.

There are plenty of ways to pre-stimulate you and your partner without even touching one another (don’t worry, that comes next). This can be anything from sexting before you’re together, dirty talk, or watching some erotic content together.

Back Of The Knee

Legs are full of erogenous zones you can stimulate on your way to the goods.

The feet and toes are a common kink and working the inner thighs is always a good idea. However, many ignore the soft skin on the back of the knee. It’s full of nerve endings, so it’s a fantastic place to touch, kiss, and lick as you work your way around the body.


Ears have the double benefits of being super sensitive (thanks to all those nerve endings) and being located near the face. Their location means they are in emotionally sensitive areas, so using your fingers, lips, and tongue to stimulate them is extra gratifying.


You may have kissed this area on your way down to meet your old friend Colonel Angus or the trip to bob on the knob. Well, hold-up for a few moments!

The area just below the belly button is another sensitive area and is especially reactive to temperature play. A hot cloth, ice, and even breathing hot air onto this area will have most squirming with anticipation.


ot to be confused with the act of dipping your balls in a glass of Captain Morgans, the sacrum is actually the small of the back.

The nerves in this area are connected to the pelvis, acting as a highway to the most pleasurable areas of the body.

Tickling, kissing, or licking this area can work wonders. Just like the navel, this area is also extra sensitive to temperature play.

No matter where the erogenous zones that work for you are, another fantastic way to enhance the fun is through the use of toys. From blindfolding your partner, so they don’t know where you’ll go next, to using vibrators in unexpected places, toys are your bedroom secret weapon.