Flirting For Couples: From Romantic To Raunchy!

Flirting For Couples: From Romantic To Raunchy!

Getting comfortable with your partner is amazing. Finding that special someone who you can be your true self with is one of the best feelings in life. That first fart in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend is just *chef’s kiss*. However, it’s at this point when flirting for couples may take a back seat.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Flirting can still be a fun part of your relationship far beyond the honeymoon phase. The best part is that it can be romantic, raunchy, light, playful, or however else you want to make it!

You’re not on your own either because we’re here to give you a hand. Maybe just avoid our right one.

Technology Is Your Friend

You might be away from each other for a few days, or even just a few hours. Either way, texting your significant other is a fantastic way to stay flirty.

It can be a simple “I miss you”, “I can’t wait to see you”, or even some playful jabs. Keep it light or turn flirting into foreplay by including some sexting! As long as they know it’s coming and aren’t presenting their screen in a company wide meeting.

But You Can Go Old-School Too

An incredibly simple way to show a little affection is by leaving love notes for your partner to find.

Grab a pack of heart-shaped sticky notes and start writing messages on them. Leave them in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, on their car door, or anywhere else you think they might see it. Messages can be anything from “I hope you have a wonderful day” to “you’re not going to be able to walk straight after tonight”. You know, real romantic type stuff.

A Touch Is All It Takes

On a day-to-day basis, the amount you and your partner physically touch one another might have dipped. Introduce more touch back into your relationship!

Yes, bumpin’ uglies is great, but it doesn’t have to just be sex! Caress them a little when you pass by in the house, give them an unexpected kiss, or hop into the shower and wash each other.

Go Back To Week One

Remember that first date when you were checking out your significant other every chance you got? How about dressing up to look as good as you could for them or showering them with compliments for how sexy they look?

Plan a date, a real date, and dress to kill. Tell the other person how good they look and devour them with your eyes!

PDA Is Not Taboo

Unless you’re at work, and that might depend on the work, public displays of affection are not something to shy away from.

You might have heard that displays of affection are best kept to private settings, but you know what? Forget that. You found someone who makes you feel special and loved. Why should you have to hide how you feel about them when you’re not at home?

To be clear, we’re not talking about slamming your partner on the local park bench. However, holding hands, kisses, and flirty talk, are all par for the course. Don’t hide your feelings, be proud of them!

Did you enjoy the tips? Just to see how it feels? Share your flirting for couples tips in the comments!