Foreplay: Slow and Steady, Hot and Ready

Foreplay: Slow and Steady, Hot and Ready

Sex isn’t a race. If you’re rushing through it to get to the “big O” as quickly as possible, you’re likely a guy (sorry fellas), and you could be having way better sex. Foreplay isn’t just important, it can be incredibly fun too

Sex often starts well before you’ve even taken your socks off and jumped into your bed, shower, couch, or kitchen floor.

However, as with every other part of the relationship, communication is king (or daddy, if you prefer). All couples are different, and as long as you’re both on the same page, you might just want to get straight to the action. Some couples are sexually teasing each other all day long, so when the time comes, so do they.


The Orgasm Gap

When it comes to reaching climax, men have a much easier time. It’s our blessing and our curse.

The orgasm gap refers to two things:

  • Women take an average of 17 minutes to reach orgasm, while men only take around 5.
  • During sex, straight men reach orgasm 95% on average, while women only get there 65% of the time.

Guys, getting your partner off feels amazing. Taking the time to add some foreplay will not only make sex better for her, but it also makes it better for you! 

Foreplay (Just The) Tips

There are tons of ways, beyond the obvious, that count as foreplay. Here are some ways to get her eager with anticipation.

Wash Your Damn Dick

If you haven’t showered since the morning, and you spent all day at work, guess what? Your dick probably doesn’t smile like a bouquet of flowers.

Personal hygiene should always be your first step when it comes to sex. Wash your hands, groom your chest hair, and make sure you can’t smell your baloney pony before you even drop your drawers.

Prep the Room

Don’t lie, the song you’ve had sex to most is The Office theme song.

While it might be tempting to leave Netflix or YouTube on in the background of sexy time, she will be much happier in a room with fewer distractions. Men have an easier time dialing in than women.

Dim the lights, spark a few candles, and throw some music on; she will be all the happier for it.

Start Outside The Bedroom

As we mentioned right off the top, just because that’s where it ends, doesn’t mean it has to start there.

Initiating a little foreplay in the living room, showering together, and even some light sexting throughout the day will do wonders in getting everyone in the mood to cross the finish line.

Communication, Communication, Communication.

Just so the point isn’t missed: communication is the foundation of a healthy and exciting sex life.

How can you possibly know what the other person likes if they don’t tell you? The more you talk about sex, the less mystifying it is. Talk about your sexual fantasies, favourite positions, and everything else that will make your sex better.

Why would you ever want that to be a mystery?

Toys Are Not The Enemy

There is a massive misconception that using toys in the bedroom is somehow a reflection of your ability to perform in bed.

This is a giant, steaming load of bullcrap.

On the contrary, accepting a sex toy collection’s place next to the bed is a huge show of confidence. Everybody and every body is different: some women can easily achieve climax through penetration alone, while others will enjoy different forms of stimulus.

Again, you will enjoy sex way more when you see your partner getting off too.

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